New ImPRovE partner

In June 2012 the research group PSiTIC joined the ImPRovE Consortium as a voluntary partner for work package 13.

PSiTIC, Research Group of Social Pedagogy and Information and Communication Technologies is based at the Universitat Ramon Llull (Blanquerna) in Barcelona, Spain. With the contribution of PSiTIC, the ImPRovE Consortium will be able to develop cross-nationally comparable reference groups for a wider range of European countries, including – apart from Spain – Belgium, Finland Greece and Hungary. This is very useful, as one of the aims of this exercise is to find out to what extent cross-national differences in the economic and social situation impact upon the minimum level of economic resources that is deemed necessary for being able to fully participate in society. In other words, the more countries covered, the better.

PSiTIC is the tenth research group that joins the ImPRovE Consortium. The other research groups are based in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy and the United Kingdom.  Here you can find a complete overview of the ImPRovE Consortium.


Co-coordinator and Consortium Project Manager of ImPRovE. He coordinates the ImPRovE project with Bea Cantillon and, apart from scientific coordination, is responsible for the daily management of the project and Consortium. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences. His central research topic is poverty and minimum income protection in Europe, with a strong methodological focus.