PSiTIC (Spain)

Research Group of Social Pedagogy and Information and Communication Technologies (PSiTIC)

University Ramón Llull, Spain


The PSiTIC investigation group of the University Ramón Lllull of Barcelona, develops its investigation, formative and transfer knowledge activities and services, around the new socioeducative community paradigms, inclusive and in net, and specifically around the quality and the upholding of the transformation processes and educational innovation, with the support of the new technologies of information and communication. It is in this sense that our investigation studies, from the different angles, the new challenges of the XXI century education, which are recognised internationally as the paradigms of “Life Wide Learning” and “Ubiquitous Learning Society”.

Tasks assigned:

PSiTIC is a voluntary partner in WP 13.

Previous experience:

Our group of investigation has as reference frame the Social Pedagogic, of epistemologic origin to interdiscipline. Basically of the Sociology of the education, the Psychology and the Philosophy of the Education – fomenting sciences of the pedagogical action we submerged in the Social Pedagogic that historically, from disciplinary origins, it has investigated and formulated proposals of renewing and transforming socioeducative action, to surpass the tipology of situations of deficiency or educational deficit, conflict, inequality and collapse in  social educative developement of the people, groups, institutions or communities.

Staff involved in the project:

Jordi Riera Romaní
PhD in Social Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer in Education and lead researcher of PSITIC research group from FPCEE Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University. He is also the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Teaching Innovation and Quality at Ramon Llull University . His research activity has reported the publication of books, book chapters, papers in specialized journals and articles in press around social pedagogy, community education and the educative uses of information and communication technologies.

Elena Carrillo Alvarez
Registered Dietician and MA in Socio-Educative Transformation Leadership, is a PhD fellow at Ramon Llull University, with a grant from the Spanish Training University Lecturers (FPU) programme. She develops her research around Healthy Eating and Childhood Obesity prevention in low-income families and Educative Governance Networks, that connect social, health and educational organizations and empower communities to succeed in front of today’s comprehensive challenges.

Irene Cussó Parcerisas
In 2009, graduated in Sociology, a four year degree (Licenciatura) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and in 2010 obtained a Master’s degree in Socio-educative transformation leadership at Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona (URL). Since 2008 she has been carrying out research in different subjects including education, family and childhood in the following research groups: Infancia, familia y políticas sociales comparadas, Iphigenia at UAB (2008-2009) and Pedagogía Social y Nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (PSiTIC) at URL, where she continues collaborating at present as a research assistant. Between 2010 and 2011 she worked also as a research assistant at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (IN3-UOC).