1st ImPRovE Conference


Improving poverty reduction in Europe

14-15 November 2013



Prior to the financial crisis, the Lisbon strategy could be regarded as a qualified success in the field of employment. On the other hand, though, the Lisbon strategy largely failed to deliver on its ambitious promise concerning poverty. From 2008 onwards the overall picture became truly negative. Taking these observations as a starting point, in this conference two questions will be addressed:

  • How can social cohesion be improved in the future?
  • How can new concepts such as social investment and social innovation complement macro-level redistributive policies?

The conference will build on recent work by ImPRovE researchers and will bring together the knowledge generated in related major EU funded projects, such as the GINI project, COPE, LOCALISE, and Net-SILC2; as well as the IWT funded project FLEMOSI. In addition, the conference will draw on the insights of several recent volumes on poverty, policy and the labour market, including Minimum Income Protection in Flux, edited by Ive Marx and Kenneth Nelson; and Reconciling Work and Poverty Reduction, edited by Bea Cantillon and Frank Vandenbroucke.