Conference Programme


Improving poverty reduction in Europe

14-15 November 2013



Conference Programme

14 November 2013 will consist of a number of parallel sessions that together cover the major issues on poverty, inequality and social policy in Europe. 15 November 2013 will consist of a sequence of plenary sessions with distinguished scholars in the area of poverty, employment and social policy in Europe, Canada and the US. A more detailed programme can be found below.

All presentations can be downloaded separately from the programme pages below.

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14 November 2013


14 November 2013, particpants are invited to attend focused parallel sessions revolving around the question about how poverty reduction can be improved in the European Union.

Keynote address by Wiemer Salverda (Coordinator of the GINI project):
Earnings, Employment and Income Inequality
and Lieve Fransen (Director for Social Policies at European Commission):
Social Investment Package

The following subthemes will be covered by the parallel sessoins:

  • Major trends in poverty and inequality in the European Union: what do we know, what are the main policy challenges and how can we improve measurement? (Koen Decancq, András Gábos, Tim Goedemé, Bérénice Storms, Karel Van den Bosch)
  • Poverty reduction, social investment and redistribution.(Bea Cantillon, Francesco Figari, Franca Van Hooren, Natascha Van Mechelen, Gerlinde Verbist)
  • Long-term trends in inequality: main conclusions and country lessons of the GINI project (Wiemer Salverda, István Tóth)
  • Changing labour markets, job polarisation and poverty reduction in Europe (Vincent Corluy, Frank Vandenbroucke)
  • Minimum income protection in flux (Ive Marx)
  • What is the redistributive impact of the crisis and the ensuing austerity measures? (Chrysa Leventi, Manos Matsaganis, Holly Sutherland)
  • COPE: The Multi-level Governance of Active Inclusion Policies.(Daniel Clegg, Maurizio Ferrera,Dorothee Spannagel)
  • Social Innovation – Reinforcing the welfare state or a coping strategy by lack of better policies? (Yuri Kazepov, Andreas Novy, Stijn Oosterlynck)

Detailed Programme

09:00: Opening speech by Bea Cantillon

09:15: Session 1

10:45: Coffee break

11:15: Session 2

12:45: Lunch

13:45: Session 3

15:15: Coffee break

15:45: Session 4

17:15: Coffee break

17:30  Keynote address by Wiemer Salverda

18:00: Keynote address by Lieve Fransen

18:30: End of conference 14 November / walk to restaurant for the conference dinner

Conference Dinner

15 November 2013

Starting hour: 9am. Ending: 3pm

Chair of the morning sessions: Jos Berghman.
Chair of the afternoon sessions: Ive Marx.

Bea Cantillon
Reconciling work and poverty reduction

John Myles
The redistributive fade in Canada (and elsewhere)

Lane Kenworthy
What can Europe learn from the U.S.?

Andrea Brandolini
Past and future evolution of the distribution of work

Anne Wren
The trilemma of employment growth, budgetary restraint and poverty reduction revisited

Brian Nolan
Dealing with negative economic shocks

Anton Hemerijck
Benchmarks for social investment policies

Frank Vandenbroucke
What we know, don’t know, and need to know