2nd ImPRovE Conference

ImPRovE Mid-term Conference

The distributive impact of policies before and during the crisis

Lessons for Europe 2020

Antwerp, 8 April 2014


Prior to the financial crisis, the Lisbon strategy could be regarded as a qualified success in the field of employment. On the other hand, though, the Lisbon strategy largely failed to deliver on its ambitious promise concerning poverty. From 2008 onwards the overall picture became truly negative. In this conference, we scrutinise the impact of policies on poverty and inequality trends during the Lisbon era and the recent economic crisis and draw lessons for the future. We pay particular attention to the countries hardest hit by the crisis and reflect on how the Europe 2020 targets can be reached.

The conference will build on results of the EU funded project ImPRovE. Preceding the conference, two workshops will be organised on social innovation and on reference budgets as well as a research seminar about the impact of policies on child well-being.