UNIVIE (Austria)

Universität Wien (UNIVIE), Austria

Department of Sociology
Rooseveltplatz, 2
1090 Wien, Austria
Office +43 1 4277 49271

The University of Vienna (UNIVIE) is the largest university in Austria with approx. 92.000 students enrolled in more than 180 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in 15 Faculties employing some 6900 academic staff. The Department of Sociology incorporates sociological research and teaching at the University of Vienna. As to its history the department is influenced by the traditions of the Viennese School that focused on social problems. Its program of empirical analysis serves to combine diagnosis of society and sociological theory.

Tasks assigned:
UNIVIE is involved in all work package tasks related to social innovation, in particular WP16.

Previous experience:
The Department of Sociology at UNIVIE is a dynamic Institute providing higher education – undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A. and doctoral) programs –undertaking also research in the area of Social Sciences broadly conceived from work/organization and gender to migration/life course and inequalities, from urban studies, media and education to culture and media. It has a particularly broad spectrum of methodological and scientific approaches, from large quantitative surveys to more qualitative oriented ethnographic work, including mixed methods.
The Department has a long record of excellence in research and promoting scientific results among policy and practice circles. Among the research projects recently conducted or ongoing by the local coordinator are the EU-funded GOETE Project (FP7, 2010-2013), DIVERCITIES (FP7, ongoing) INSPIRES (FP7, ongoing).

Staff involved in the project:

Yuri Kazepov
(MA in Political Science, PhD in Sociology), Professor for Comparative welfare policy and International Urban Sociology, is the immediate past-president of RC21 of the International Sociological Association, he founded and co-chaired of ESPAnet-Italy the Italian branch of the European Network of Social Policy Analysis. Recently, he has been scientific coordinator of the project “Rescaling of Social Welfare policy in Europe”. Currently, he was scientific responsible for the Uniurb unit and member of the steering committee in the GOETE project. He is web-editor of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research and was the co-editor of SocioLogica Italian Journal of Sociology (ed. Il Mulino). His main research and publishing activities lie in field of social exclusion, comparative social policies, social assistance, urban and multilevel governance, local policies and urban poverty.
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Roberta Cucca
(PhD in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research) holds a post-doc position at the University of Vienna. Her main fields of interest are comparative urban studies, social inequality in contemporary cities, urban and multilevel governance, local policies for sustainability.
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Ryan Jepson
(MA in Human Geography) is a PhD candidate in the Urban Sociology research group in the Institute of Sociology at the University of Vienna. His research interests include urban spatial theory, with a particular focus on the production of space and place and contestation in the European city, practices of everyday life (and the rhythmanalysis-method), body and biopolitics, subaltern and (post)colonial perspectives and geographies and sociologies of cooperation through comparative analysis.
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