WUW (Austria)

Institute for Multilevel Governance and Development

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WUW), Austria


Welthandelsplatz 1
A-1020 Wien


The Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is the biggest European university specialised in economics and business administration. It is an EQUIS accredited public institution employing approximately 400 researchers in a broad range of disciplines relevant for economic and business issues and teaching more than 20.000 students. The university has strong international ties and has accumulated considerable experience in the coordination and administration of EU-funded projects. The Institute for Multilevel Governance and Development is a social science teaching and research unit specialised in studying local and regional governance from an interdisciplinary perspective. The institute has also become familiar with managing EU projects and accumulated knowledge due to an experienced administrative and financial management.

Tasks assigned:

WUW is involved in all work packages on social innovation and will lead the dissemination of research results (in collaboration with TÁRKI).

Previous experience:

WUW has assumed an increasingly important coordination role and has organised the SOCIAL POLIS conference in 2009 in an interactive setting based on the World Café method. Furthermore, the WUW-team has contributed to FP7 “SOCIAL POLIS: Social Platform on Social Cohesion in the City” in the elaboration of a transversal methodology and integrative survey papers on “Social Cohesion in the City as a whole” and on “transdisciplinarity”.

Staff involved in the project:

Andreas Novy

Prof. Novy is a leading researcher in the fields of comparative developments studies, comparative urban research, socioeconomic development, social innovation, participation and socioeconomic democracy, Latin America and Brazil.

Bernhard Leubolt

Mr. Leubolt’s work concentrates on the fields development policy, poverty research, social exclusion and social policy.


Florian Wukovitsch
Florian Wukovitsch’s work concentrates on urban economics, housing policy, neighbourhood development and critical urban studies.

Carla Weinzierl