Session A1: Poverty Trends in and Between the North, South, East and West

In this session we discuss trends in poverty, mainly focusing on income poverty. For doing so, we take a broad view. We start with analysing trends in at-risk-of-poverty and their interaction wity employment dynamics. Subsequently, we look at dyanmics at the micro-level and inquire to what extent demographic and labour market events are robustly correlated with poverty spells and poverty exit rates of households. Finally, we take a pan-European perspective and assess to how poverty has evolved in the EU if we would set the poverty line at a percentage of the EU-wide (pan-European) median household income. Taken together, this results in a nuanced picture of how poverty has evolved over the past decade, and points to the complexities that should be taken into account when designing anti-poverty policies.



  • Presentations:
    • Panos Tsakloglou, Eirini Andriopoulou:

Mobility into and out of poverty in Europe in the 1990s and the precrisis period: The role of income, demographic and labour market events


    • Tim Goedemé, Diego Collado & Lorena Zardo Trindade:

Mountains on the Move: recent trends in national and EU-wide income dynamics in old and new EU-Member States.


  •  Convenor: Karel Van den Bosch (Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy)