Coordinating team

The ImPRovE project and Consortium are coordinated by the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy (University of Antwerp). The coordinating team consists of Prof. Dr. Bea Cantillon and Dr. Tim Goedemé, assisted by Nathalie Schuerman and Martine Vandervelden. They are supported in many ways by the staff of the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy and the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Antwerp

Bea Cantillon

Coordinator of ImPRovE project and Consortium. Director of the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy and professor at the University of Antwerp. She holds a Doctorate in Political and Social Sciences. She is president of the Belgian Social Security  Association,  chairperson of the  Board of Governance of  the  Foundation for  International Studies on Social Security and serves on the Research Committee of the International Social Security Association. She is fellow of the Royal Belgian Academy.

Tim Goedemé

Co-coordinator and Consortium Project Manager of ImPRovE. He coordinates the ImPRovE project with Bea Cantillon and, apart from scientific coordination, is responsible for the daily management of the project and Consortium. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences. His central research topic is poverty and minimum income protection in Europe, with a strong methodological focus.

Nathalie Schuerman

Consortium Project Management Assistant of ImPRovE. She is assisting with the daily management of the project. She holds two Master’s Degrees in Sociology and International Social Policy Analysis and is currently a PhD fellow at the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy.

Martine Vandervelden

Project Management Assistant